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Candle lamp holder

Candle lamp holder

Our customer purchased the Magic Saw and used the Diamond round blade to cut the top section of a bottle to make a candle lamp holder supported by a wooden base he also made.

Received 11/09/2015

Mr H

Dear Tony , impressed with the sharpener, thank , you should come to Gloucestershire more often , when you have a chance. Kindest Regards H

Received 01/09/2012

Steve Crawford

Steve Crawford

Hi Tony,

As I said I would drop you a line and some pictures of Magic wrench in action. As you can see from the pictures I could not get normal steelsons on the Air relief valve due to confined area to work in,
The wrench would not go on the nut due to the size, but place on the barrel fitted a treat,
With a good push it was out, and the new one put in.
So thanks, Brought wrench Thursday and used Friday, Job took 11mins from turning up, going to the 6th floor and the driving away......
Feel free to contact me any time

Steve Crawford
Advantage Fire Training & Services

Dave Cridland

The thing i like about my saw set is the magnets holding every thing in place as this saves damage to your blades, very good thought gone into this as well as a very useful product,,10 out of 10.

Andy Elms

I met Director Tony Brown at the Festival of Wood at Westonbirt Arboretum - a born salesman. I bought a Magic-Sharpener and was pretty keen to get it home to try out. I'm impressed - it does just waht it says on the tin. Now my "Global" Japanese stainless steel kitchen knives are back to their original sale condition. Thanks Tony!


Dear Tony,
I bought the magic saw at the Ideal Home Exhibition and having a great fun with this lovely tool.
As discussed can you please send me the DVD at the following address:

Kind Regards

D.M. Bruce

Brilliant! I bought two of your Magic Fingers and as I own Buy to Rent Properties, I keep one at home and one in my toolkit. It's fantastic as most of my blocked drains are caused from tenant's hair going down the drain. Your Magic Finger gets right into the U bend and removes the blockage quickly and easily. Well done!

D.M. Bruce - Surrey

Richard Maguire-Symonds

Just wanted to let you know I received a magic saw as a gift. I am restoring a French farmhouse and use it all the time for lots of jobs that would be impossible with normal saws that can\'t cope with awkward positions like yours. After months of use I have only broken one blade. All the best for the sucess of your company - I would love to see the wrench - any sneak previews??

Thanks Richard



Hi Magic Tools,

I have been using Magic Saw as my best tool for quite some time now and have had no problems. I found this very helpful my relationship with my girl friend as I made a wooden
heart, which i painted red for her, and she is so happy when I gave her the heart as I never made this before.

I actualy saw you make it on the TV home shopping and copied you, as I wanted to see just easy it was to make the jiggsaw shapes with the Saw.


Simon from Nottingham

Richard Higman


I purchased the Margic Sharpner from yourself at Grand Design, Excel. You asked for some feed back. WOW, its really good. I have an old machete that was so blunt it had become on usuable for clearing the weeds in my garden. I spent less than 10mins sharpening it with the Magic Sharpner, and now its cutting through 1 inch branchs with ease!

Thank you so much!!


Jamie Moir

I bought a sharpener from you at the Ideal Home exhibition two months or so ago, i am very happy with the finish i get on the knives. however the plastic handle/ casing itself is becoming loose. I would appreciate your suggestions thanks.


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Customer Comments.

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