Magic W-wrench

Magic W-wrench

Magic W-wrench is a new concept for tightening or loosening a numerous range of objects from (9-36)mm due to its double jaws, one on either end of the tool.
Particularly in narrow spaces due to it's ergonomic design.

Magic W-wrench Bulletin points

1. Both jaws are tempered at the high temperature of 620°C which makes them extremely hard wearing
2. The jaws are made up of hardened strips of metal which means we can achieve a high production rate, whilst maintaining a low priced robust product
3. We do not use coil springs but instead the Magic W-wrench contains tempered double leaf springs, therefore eliminating play on the jaws and ensuring the jaws grab the sizes that it is designed for
4. Rather than carrying several wrenches, the Magic W-wrench covers a wide range of sizes without any adjustment required
5. The Magic W-wrench is ergonomically made with a soft feel grip giving better control and is ideal for professional tradesmen as well as DIYers
6. The Magic W-wrench carries a ten year warranty

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