Magic Saw MT-1400G2

Body (square frame + handgrip)
Coping saw blade 6EA
Flat blade 1EA
Diamond Grind blade 2EA
Tungsten roller cutter on the tip
Stribes for marking 2EA

- Durable structure
- Flexible blades
- All-purpose 3way action
- Magnetic case
- Accurate motion
- Extra strong Jigsaw
- Stainless steel
- Glass/ Tile cutter

The coping saw blade is made of Carbon which enables cutting metal, nonferrous metal, wood, PVC, aluminium, rubber, etc. It can be installed in 3directions to the magic-saw body, i.e. bottom, left or right direction. Specially designed side direction (left or right) installation of the blade enables you to cut the material in shape or curve.

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Price: 34.99

Magic Saw MT-1400G2

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